Reconnect for Resilience™

From Resources for Resilience:

Reconnect for Resilience™ (RFR) trainings are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused, and offer practical strategies that individuals, organizations, and whole communities can use to promote balance and wellbeing. Participants learn about trauma, the brain, and the human nervous system in a way that anyone, regardless of age, education, or background can understand.

The 14-hour RFR training is a strengths-based, body-centered program. Through demonstrations and group practice, participants are given the “owner’s manual” to the body’s safety and threat management system and learn to use their own natural ability to find balance.

Once participants understand that the negative effects of high stress and trauma are normal responses of the nervous system’s design, they are more easily able to work with any shame and judgment toward themselves or other people.

RFR offers tools for well-being that help participants to:

  • Reconnect with their body’s natural ability to reset the nervous system after it has been thrown out of balance by stress and trauma. When the nervous system is balanced, people can manage and respond to difficult moments throughout our day, rather than reacting or losing control.

  • Reconnect with their ability to reduce shame through self-compassion. When the nervous system is balanced by sensing in to experiences of self-compassion, people can begin to recover from feelings of shame and fear around making or admitting mistakes.

  • Reconnect with family and community with a clear mind and balanced nervous system. Understanding the biology of connection helps strengthen relationships and increases teamwork for all people at home, work, and in the wider community.