Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security® Parenting (COS-P) offers parents and caregivers a roadmap to help them navigate daily interactions with their children. Circle of Security® is not about changing our child’s behavior; it’s about changing our relationship with our child. Sometimes our children frustrate, worry, embarrass, or exhaust us. Being able to learn what hidden needs are behind such behaviors and how to meet them often leads to the behavior improvement that we are seeking.

This class meets for 1.5 hours over 8 weeks. Video clips of other parents and kids, group discussions, and some helpful images give us the tools we need to handle tough challenges while remaining Bigger, Stronger, Kinder, and Wise. As we learn to self-reflect and see what’s hidden in plain sight, we build more secure attachments with our kids, and we decrease the frequency and intensity of their upset and our own.

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To learn more about Circle of Security International and how these simple, powerful classes can help you be the secure base and the safe haven that every child needs, please visit their website.

Circle of Security® classes are available to parents and caregivers in diverse settings. For information about how to contact the certified Circle of Security Parenting Facilitators in your region or community or how to eventually bring this curriculum to your child’s early learning center, pediatric office, your own faith community, group of friends, or neighborhood, please use the following contacts:

Triangle Area: Tricia Wilson, website or email

Western North Carolina: Susanne Walker Wilson, email

If you are located in other parts of North Carolina, please contact either Tricia Wilson or Susanne Walker Wilson