The Resiliency Collaborative partners with communities to increase capacity for resilience and hope through the development of tools, education, networks, resources, and support.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, TRC offers trainings and other services across the state of North Carolina. TRC teaches resiliency-informed practices to communities, organizations, and individuals who are interested in increasing resilience. These methods offer practical tools for managing stress, handling adversity, and remaining connected as a community.

Community Resiliency Model team working

resiliency methods

The Resiliency Collaborative offers training and resources in resiliency methods including:

Reconnect for Resilience™
Community Resiliency Model®
Circle of Security Parenting®
Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP)

These groundbreaking wellness initiatives provide practical strategies that individuals, organizations, and whole communities can use to promote balance and wellbeing.

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research: ACEs

Research into Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) paints a picture of how early trauma can significantly affect short- and long-term health and can fundamentally damage the function and structure of children's developing brains. There is increasing evidence that resiliency practices help the body and brain heal from these traumas and protect against future damage.

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Bring resiliency to your group

TRC maintains a list of expert speakers and can offer trainings in resiliency techniques.